About Us

On the morning of September 24th, 2012 my beautiful daughter Eden Tezera left the house with her laptop and all of the family photos that contained her. She disappeared from our family home in Burnaby BC without warning and was missing for several hours. Despite frantic calls to police, family, friends and community members she was not found until many hours later, dead. My beautiful Eden had taken her own life.

How is it that such a smart young lady with so much going for her and so much to live for can get to a point where she feels her only option is to take her life? How is it that any young person can slip through the cracks particularly when there are people in her life actively seeking help for her? Where does a parent, friend or family member turn for help or ideas when nobody seems to want to listen?

Welcome to Project Eden. This website created in loving memory of my daughter Eden Tezera is meant to be a virtual gathering place where people like myself who have lived through the worst imaginable experience can connect to the community of people who may currently beĀ  living in dread or coping with similar challenges. Project Eden is a forum where we can share our stories, our ideas and heaven forbid, get help when nobody else will or can.

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